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Why Us?

What makes Integrity Academy at Casa de Luz, Center for Integral Studies special?

• Children are educated in a team teaching, project-based, non-graded, multi-aged environment focused on collaboration, cooperation, and communication

• Progress is continually reported through portfolios, developmental continuums, and narrative assessments

• 100% organic, whole-food, plant- based lunch provided by Casa de Luz

• Part-time and full-time class schedules to allow for community learning outside of the campus and a more natural schedule to support a less stressful rhythm to family life

• Workshops, trainings and community gatherings designed to build a strong network

• Intentionally working to create the “village”

• Powerful parental involvement, education and volunteerism

Our program includes:

  • year-round schedule
  • gardening
  • music
  • martial arts
  • Conflict Resolution and Non-violent Communication
  • volunteerism
  • culinary arts
  • yoga
  • project-based instruction
  • experiential learning
  • dramatic arts
  • internships
  • technology
  • entrepreneurship
  • graphic arts
  • computer & foreign language
  • preschool
  • primary
  • secondary
  • outdoors
  • Central Austin