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Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) Lunch Program at Integrity Academy and the Integrity Method of Education

There is a plethora of recent evidence, scientific study and emerging sentiment on the transcendent value of a Whole Foods Plant Based diet.  Wayo Longoria, founder of Casa de Luz and Habitat Suites Hotel* has studied and implemented this information since 1984 and he and his children have personally benefited from his dedication to a Macrobiotic life style.  Twenty-three years ago, Wayo and Maryann Justman founded Casa de Luz.  It was at this time when Joe Bruno, Montessori teacher to Maryann’s children, approached them to cooperate in starting Parkside Community School within the Casa de Luz campus. 

There are many definitions of Macrobiotics and ours is a simple one.  Macrobiotics literally means ‘the great life.’  For us it means the never-ending search for a better way to live a great life.

Even though most patrons think of Casa de Luz as a restaurant, it is by intention, an experiential educational community center.  It is in this natural way, people learn the benefits of and how-to-live a WFPB diet.  It is a joyous way of life that clearly falls in the delayed gratification category.  It is foundational to all other human endeavors for the general good.  Any educational model is remiss if it does not incorporate this basic component.

When any life practice is initially challenging but ‘rewarding in the long run’, in a very short time the practice becomes instant gratification. We now have instant access to our innate healing capacity! 

Casa de Luz serves approximately 250 adults and children a day.  In the early years, many came because they wanted to feel better. Some came because they were besieged, beset by a catastrophic disease.  Some came because they just simply loved food that was as close to how nature gave it to us.  Today, most people come in joyous celebration of community and delight in the Casa meal.  Children roam naturally interacting with adults gleefully. 

The global movement, which started some 70 years ago, has gained momentum.  Today, there is a profession of books, videos, health gurus and testimonials extolling this way as the inexpensive and natural health care program for the world.  Experiential nutritional education is a vital component of the Integrative Method. 

Total immersion and participation is necessary.  Prehistoric man depended on ready calories which explains a child's choice for a ‘peanut butter and jelly sandwich’ over food that requires chewing and a bit of patience.  It also explains the proclivity of parents to pack ready-made foods in lunch boxes.  It is this expedient ‘TV dinner’, industrial model that has gotten humanity so sick.  Let's be part of the healing.

Moving towards better habits requires overcoming resistance to the status quo.  Casa de Luz makes it easy to experience the dining pleasure, in community, of the WFPB diet.  Integrity Academy will make it easy to incorporate this essential education for children.  It is understandable that this shift brings up fear in parents.  There is much to say about this fear, but here are the basics… foremost, don’t act out of fear.  Act out of knowledge and wisdom. Your child will not starve.  With your guidance and support, they will thrive.  The principle obstacle to this program is in our minds.  In a surprisingly short time, even the most resistant child will get right into the groove.  In years to come, we will be looking at this issue with a very different perspective and with big smiles on our faces.  Let’s be the change.

We are moving forward with the “Integrity Method” fearlessly and with commitment to the Macrobiotic Way.  There was a time when Macrobiotics was kept in the closet.  The time has arrived to celebrate in the popularity of this health and happiness movement.  Don’t be left behind and ride the wave with us.  It’s exhilarating!

Every meal is composed of fresh organic and whole unrefined or processed ingredients.  Every meal has a legume, grain, vegetables, dark leafy greens, nut/seed sauces and a pickled vegetable.  Every meal has the highest nutrition per calorie.  Absolutely everything on the plate is health enhancing.

*(ecologically cutting edge award winning hotel in Austin which opened its doors in 1985)