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Welcome from Our Founder

Dear Parents:

The opportunity to be involved in Integrity Academy is a gift. 

It is in the bringing together of great people, that we produce great results. Ali Ronder and I are placing a great deal of attention to assure that we attract and retain a superb team. Integrity Academy has a generous compensation package for our staff, which will facilitate the creation of the richest of learning environments. 

Waldorf College - Fair Oaks, California

It is beyond rewarding to bring a powerful, paradigm shifting and proven learning environment to our children. Over the course of my lifetime, I have organized many ventures, in a broad range of endeavors. These include working in multiple aspects of banking, industry, commerce and agriculture. All along I have had a special interest in human learning and development of all ages while managing thousands of people. Engaging in numerous disciplines for the betterment of self and community has created a strong philosophical underpinning to my work. Especially significant have been Conflict Resolution, Non-Violent Communication, Avatar, Landmark Forum, Personal and Company Effectiveness. Many of these disciplines have been in education, i.e. Macrobiotics (Micho Kushi), Montessori (Bergamo, Italy), Maharishi International University (Fairfield, Iowa), and Waldorf (Rudolf Steiner).

My own children have been pivotal in my life and I continue to be actively involved in their education. They have been my greatest teachers over the last forty-one years. I have six grandchildren ranging in ages from 1 week to 19 years. They are what motivate my involvement in the Casa de Luz community and in the development of the Integrity Academy, a school for children ages 3-18.

Recently, I have pared back to the operation of two organizations:  Casa de Luz ( and Habitat Suites ( I invite you to see how these two 'Learning Organizations' have excelled holistically. I have complete confidence in Ali Ronder, executive director of Integrity Academy. We have already invested countless hours designing the learning environment by incorporating the most compelling modalities available in the world.

We are fortunate to have a beautiful, urban location in the heart of Austin. We are located across the street from Zilker Park and within a short walking distance to many places for families to live. This would satisfy those who would aspire to break their dependence on fossil fuels and increase the quality of family life. We realize the high cost of our dependence on automobiles and the stressful time we spend in them. Enrolling into the Integrity Academy community is the paradigm shift.

The future starts at Integrity Academy in the Fall of 2014.

The last and most important ingredient is you, our families that will be at the heart of our community. Please be amongst the first to come to early enrollment.

With palms together,
Wayo Longoria, aka Kilowatito




Maharishi International University Training - Fairfield, Iowa With Michio Kushi Vega Institute - Oroville, California  Macrobiotic Training with Herman and Cornelia Aihara