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After School and Camp Break

Firefly Aftercare

At Firefly, we know that each child is their own person - with their own brand of wisdom and interests. Some children gravitate towards movement while others prefer to draw, paint or sing. Our program is designed to engage their imaginations and foster the unique artist within them. This could look like building forts, painting, interactive storytelling or good old fashioned free play.
Whether it’s a musical composition or a brilliant sculpture, art is, at it’s very core, PLAY. And Children are Masters at it. At Firefly, we play. A lot. Play is the foundation of our program. 
“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” ~Pablo Picasso
Your child doesn’t need us to teach them how to express creatively. What they need is a safe space to explore their natural expression.
We see Firefly Aftercare and Break Camps as an opportunity to extend and strengthen the philosophies practiced at Integrity Academy. Every child is an artist and expresses in their own way. Through the power of creative play, your child is encouraged to discover their own inner expression. In a compassionate, non-competitive and safe environment, Firefly children are celebrated for their individual gifts and strengths.
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Chess Camp

Ages 5 – 16, Introductory to Advanced
This summer USA Chess is offering our exciting and entertaining chess camp at more than 100 locations nationwide. USA Chess is the largest and premier chess
camp organizer for children in the United States. The staff is comprised of the finest children’s chess instructors in North America. Registration options include
mornings, afternoon and all­day sessions. Campers experience chess instruction and play in a fun filled environment designed to improve their skills whether they
are interested in casual or competitive chess. Tuition includes trophy, chess set and much more. Please visit: for program details.

Video Game Creation Camp Descriptions:

Updated for 2017! Modding, Networking and Hosting with Minecraft

Ages 8 – 16
Minecraft is hugely popular because it’s collaborative, open­ ended and moddable. Our program preserves those qualities and adds a large dose of fun!
The week begins with learning the game, controls, recipes and a bit about hosting & networking. Next campers are connecting to different worlds hosted on
our secure server and experimenting with character skins, mods and custom maps. By day three the kids are building in the Active Learning World that grows over time. Whether adding a room, building a moat or even creating a chessboard the possibilities are nearly limitless. This is a half­-day program. Students can add an additional program to make it a full day camp.

Video Game Creation – 3D Concepts

Ages 9 ­ 16, Intermediate to Advanced

Updated for 2017!  Children with prior experience with GameMaker software or are at least 10 years old will learn the principals used in making 3D  style games while creating their own “home base defense games”. Lessons include the principles of perspective, scale, infinity and other concepts. Students are challenged while  allowing them to creatively apply their GameMaker skills and learn how game designers make the  2D computer screen “come to life” with 3D effects. This is a half­day program. Students can add an additional program to make it a full day camp.

Friday Camps

Firefly now runs the Friday camps and offers break camps